Laser ceramic printer(whole set)
laser ceramic toner Xerox c240/5065
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laser ceramic toner Xerox c240/5065

Xerox 240/5065 is one of the decal production machine. High resolution up to 2400dpi, 256 grayscale and 1670 million color. It contain the printer server backpack. Top image quality in laser ceramic printing area over the world. Standard CMYK color system. We?¡¥re the first company to research and produce ceramic toner for industrial machine. We have done the configuration file [ ICC profile] to make the ceramic printing more convinient and highly restore to the original picture. This model is suitable for ceramic/enemal decal printing industrial production or good image quality personalized ceramic products/ceramic artwork. Installed 1.8kg big quantity toner for customer?¡¥s use. The installed ceramic toner is 780?a840 celcius degree. We also have other temperature ceramic toner/glass toner/enemal toner, contact us if any demanded.

* Installed ceramic toners  C,K,M,Y total                 1000g

* Biggest covering wide                                            A3+ (330x4880mm)

* Printing precision                                                    2400x2400dpi

* Printing speed                                                          65pages/minute

* 160% coverage can print                                         11000pcs 5 inch images

*usage: high quality ceramic products,high speed.

If you already have a laser printer,only install the laser ceramic developer and the laser ceramic toner

Operation process:

Print decal paper by our laser ceramic printer-----waterslide transfer/ laminating transfer to tile---scrape the water out-----fire in high temperature.

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