Ceramic toner
laser ceramic toner(RGB and other colors)
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laser ceramic toner(RGB and other colors)

Laser ceramic toner multi-color system

For more customers demand,we produce not only CMYK,but also RGB and glaze,white color toner to make the laser ceramic printing crafts can realize more ceramic decal printing apply.

Glaze toner usage: Above the layer of image to improve the image brightness.

White color toner usage: Under the layer of image to show the image vivid when you print image on the glass products and colored ceramic products.

Compatiable with:  Ricoh/Konica minolta

Resolution 600dpi*600dpi/1200dpi*1200dpi/2400dpi*2400dpi

Physical performance Round and uniform shape. This will show a good mobility when the printer work.

Temperature  780--830 celsius degree on the ceramic material
                        550--620 celsius degree on the glass material
                        700 celsius degree on the enemal material

Ingredients                  CAS No.                    Content ( %)

Resin                         201058-08-4                  55

Ceramic pigment                ------                     <44

Silica                           112945-52-5               < 1

Other                                 -------                    < 1    WHATS:+8613986047212  MOBILE:+8613986047212    WECHAT:13986047212