Ricoh 3300 Red color system solution
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Now we have two system to print cadmium selenium red.

One is our Xerox 700 systemDetails

The other is the new one I want to introduce now
Pls check  the printed sample first 

The model is Ricoh 3300

The printing reference as below:

Ricoh 3300

* Installed ceramic toners  C,K,M,Y total 1000g

* Biggest covering wide     A3+ (297x940mm,can also add to 30.5cm*1.2m)

* Printing precision         1200x1200dpi

* Printing speed            35pages/minute  145©O/hour

* 160% coverage can print 5500pcs 5¡± images    WHATS:+8613986047212  MOBILE:+8613986047212    WECHAT:13986047212