Laser ceramic printer(whole set)
Red laser ceramic printer xerox cm118w
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Red laser ceramic printer xerox cm118w

Xerox cm118w is the cheapest red color system ceramic printing system.
It is all-in-one laser ceramic printer structure.
This laser ceramic printer model is suitable for low budget personal small shop of tombstone porcelain portraits. 

This is a multi-function printer model.It contains printing,scanning functions.

Installed 200g CRYK ceramic toner for a start.
The installed ceramic toner is 780--840 celcius degree.
We also have other temperature ceramic toner/glass toner/enemal toner, contact us if any demanded.

* Installed ceramic toners C,K,R,Y total         200g

* Installed ceramic developer C,K,R,K total   400g

* Biggest covering wide                                   A4 (210x297mm) 
* Printing precision                                          1200x1200dpi 

* Print speed                                                      12pcs/min                            

 *usage: little and small quantity ceramic products

Do not suggest to install the laser ceramic developer and the laser ceramic toner
by customer self as it is complicated structure.    WHATS:+8613986047212  MOBILE:+8613986047212    WECHAT:13986047212